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Viewing, creating, and configuring services

After Logging in to the Admin Console

Choose Services in the left navigation bar to define a new service or manage your existing services.

Services list

Services that you have created and those another user has given you access to are listed. If there are too many, you can enter part of a service's name or client-id in the service name filter at the top of the list, then click the search icon to filter the list.

You can click the action icons on the right of each listed service to:

  • display a shareable link for registering the service,
  • go to the KYC Connect Dashboard for the service.

Create a service

Click on the Create Service button. The new-service form will be shown.

You must provide a name for the service. You can also optionally provide:

  • a custom client id that will be used in URLs to access your service
  • a logo that will be used for your service's avatar

Once filled, click the Add Service button.

Once the service has been created you can click Go to dashboard on the dialog that appears to step through a brief introduction to the KYC Connect process, or you can close the form and continue configuring your new service.

Note that the maximum number of services you can create may be limited.

Configure a service

Click on any listed service's name to configure the service. The settings are split across several tabs:

  • Display provide additional information and control how your service appears
  • KYC Requirements set the personal info you want to collect from individuals
  • Plan provide company info and choose tier & plan
  • Team control who has access to the service's configuration and dashboard
  • API Keys enable programmatic access between your KYC Connect Service and external systems


Various metrics to monitor the level of activity on your service over time are available from the Usage tab.


When ready, you will want to test your service.