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Service Configuration - Display tab

Service description and information

From the Services List, click on a Service's name then select the Display tab.

On this tab you can change your Services name and logo, and provide descriptive information about your service.

Click Save after making any needed changes.

How your service is displayed

  • Service name

    Displayed to individual users when registering and also to your KYC operators

  • Short description

    May be shown in the Blockpass widget and mobile app

  • Long description

    May be displayed in the Blockpass widget and mobile app

  • Logo

    Displayed to users and also used in the dashboard for you KYC operators

How individuals should contact you

  • A support email address they can reach you at
  • The URL for your website
  • The URL for your web support portal

Who can register with your service

You can choose how individuals commence registration for your service.

Anyone with the shareable link can register with your service. This is the default setting.

Restricted access

If the Blockpass widget is only accessible to your users after they login your platform, you can specify the url in the console. We will then redirect users to this url if they try to register the service directly.

See also How to assign a refId to applicants of your service