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Dashboard introduction


The KYC Connect Dashboard is used by your team to receive, review, and process candidates who have uploaded their Identity to your service.

There are also some KYC process configuration available to operators with the manager role. Such as messages displayed to individual candidates via the Blockpass Mobile App, and settings to automate parts of the KYC review process.

The dashboard is accessed at


A Blockpass Single Sign-On (OAuth) merchant-user account is required, and the merchant-user must be added to the service in the Admin Console.

Have your KYC operators visit the dashboard to begin the merchant-user registration process.


After logging in via Blockpass Single Sign-On you will be able to create and configure services.

A service is an instance of the KYC Connect product. Each service has an associated KYC Connect Dashboard. The dashboard collects and processes individual users' Identities as they are uploaded to the service from the Blockpass Mobile Application.

Clicking the Blockpass logo at top-left from anywhere to get back to the Dashboard front page.

At top-right the username and avatar of the currently logged-in merchant-user is shown, alongside the currently active service.

Click the avatar to:

  • access the user's profile,
  • access the active service's dashboard management settings (manager),
  • export candidate data (manager),
  • change the currently active service (i.e. view the dashboard of a different service),
  • log out.