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Data export from the KYC Connect Dashboard

Exporting data

Spreadsheet of candidates

Merchant-users with the manager role for a service can export candidate data directly from the dashboard.

To export a CSV file of all candidates currently held in the dashboard, select Export data from the drop-down menu at the top-right of the dashboard.

Click on Export then wait while the export file is generated. Once complete the file will be listed in the Export history column. You can download the file to your local device, or delete it, as needed.

Single candidate

Full data for any candidate who is Approved can be exported by a manager or the candidate's assigned operator by opening the candidate in the dashboard, selecting the Summary group and clicking the Export file button. The will save a ZIP file including all the candidate's Identity information and related dashboard history and data in JSON format.

If the Approved candidate is also Archived, no Identity attributes are retained on the dashboard, so the extract will be limited to Identity certificates and dashboard history and metadata.

Using the API

To programatically extract JSON representations of all candidate data, use the extract and archive API.

You will need to create an API key and use the Dashboard API.