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Testing your service

Display the Blockpass Widget in Admin Console

You can display the Blockpass Widget to test the service registration.

From the Services List click the Test service button on the right side for the service you want to test.

Or from any admin console service tab, click the Widget integration button at the top of the screen.

Note that your service must be Live (Enabled) for the widget to run.

Type your email address and follow the registration process.


You can use your console account to connect, same email and password.

Once an Identity is uploaded, it will be visible immediatly in the service's KYC Connect Dashboard.

The page can help you to start immediately your onboarding without any integration.

In the Admin Console click the button Shareable link to generate the url of your service. You can share this url by email, text, SMS, social network...

Advanced usage

The Verify with Blockpass page can be customized by adding parameters in the url

ex:[email protected]&mainColor=darkGrey&auto=1

    must not be changed
  • clientId=YOUR-CLIENTID
    is the identifier of your service that you can find in the Admin Console
  • refId=unique_id
    is a unique reference that you can assign to the user. e.g. crypto address or database ID
  • [email protected]
    prefills the email field in Blockpass login (Keep in mind that the user may use a different email address for their Blockpass account)
  • mainColor=darkGrey
    customize the color of the page and the widget. You can also use hex code (without the #)
  • auto=1
    auto launch the widget when this parameter is set

add & between each parameter if you use several.